Art: @pp__ox & @Tsuruumak

Stream Info

I mostly enjoy older games from the 90s to the 2000s. I tend to play survival horror games and games I'm familiar with but I'm gradually trying to get through my backlog and play new ones. Typically do not buy many modern games. Expect salt here and there and dissecty game critique stuff.

Collabs: Here and there. Friends/mutuals only. Strangers = No.
Sexual content: Not really besides low tier "Heh heh 69" juvenile jokes. But nothing overly graphic.
General atmosphere: Chill to moderate energy. Loud sometimes
Multiplayer games: Occasionally
Chat rules: Be chill, don't aggro too hard, avoid drama, prioritize fun
Time: 6pm Eastern Time. Mon, Tue, Wed,
Other times: Here and there at 1am EST and sometimes Sunday at 3pm EST

[Example games to expect]
Resident Evil
Devil May Cry
Vampire The Masquerade Bloodlines
>Favorite Games